Client Alert – April 2022

Support for flood-ravaged areas The recent devastating flooding in South East Queensland and parts of New South Wales has left many people homeless, caused vast amounts of property damage and has sadly led to loss of life. While the clean-up effort continues in many areas, there is some immediate financial help available for those affected, […]

Superannuation and Financial Planning

Need More Money In Retirement? Retirees that own their own home and need more money in retirement are now able to access the Home Equity Access Scheme run through Services Australia. The scheme was previously known as the Pensions Loans Scheme but along with a new name, the fortnightly interest rate has been lowered to […]

Business Tax

ATO Concerns On Luxury Car Tax The ATO has issued an alert warning taxpayers that it is investigating certain arrangements where entities on-sell luxury cars without remitting the requisite luxury car tax amount. This applies to those selling luxury cars in the ordinary course of business in any structure (ie company or sole trader), as […]

Timely Opportunities

COVID-19 Vaccination Rewards: Tax Implications Amidst the current Omicron wave, and the government shortening booster dose intervals, many businesses are encouraging their employees to get either vaccinated or the booster dose by offering rewards or incentives. While this is an effective way to help the employees stay safe and businesses to stay open, there may […]

More support for NSW businesses as Premier declares ‘national emergency’

Projections from earlier in the week by the Population Interventions Unit at the University of Melbourne estimated that Sydney’s stay-at-home orders would need to be extended into September to get the latest outbreak under control, meaning businesses could be facing prolonged closure. On Friday, facing yet another day of rising case numbers, NSW Premier Gladys […]